Andrea Carlson
Andrea Carlson

Andrea Carlson ’05, MFA, recently spoke with the Walker Art Center to recount what was, in her opinion, the highs and lows of 2018.

Her standout moments—for better or for worse—include the passing of profound artist and activist James Luna, lieutenant governor-elect Peggy Flanagan, and the restoration of Bde Maka Ska.

"This list was created with images running through my head of children in cages, refuge-seeking families being maced, a museum burning, more fires, pipeline protests, more protests, homeless Natives living in tents along a wall, new land grabs, non-stop White House perp walks, broken teens recounting classmates being gunned down, juries’ inability to hold white men accountable for the murder of Natives and people of color, and the faces of Incels, Neo-Nazis, and racists spewing desperate hatred. I am not blind to this world, but within it I’ve found a small list for 2018 that is personally revealing, and hopefully it won’t be interpreted as dismissive of these important, urgent things." —Carlson

Carlson's work has been acquired by institutions such as the British Museum, the Minneapolis Institute of Art, and the National Gallery of Canada.

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