Underbelly by Kate Casanova

MCAD faculty member Kate Casanova '08 will be exhibiting new work at Public Functionary. The solo show, titled Underbelly, is a selection of sculpture and video that explores the materiality of human and non-human bodies.

This exhibition reflects Casanova’s ongoing engagement with the Posthuman body as she creates an expanded view of corporeal experience. The work uses materials such as plaster, carpet padding, plastic, resin, silicone, fabric, LCD screens, and algae to create abstract forms that bulge beyond borders, slide over edges, and seep through cracks. This exhibition holds tension between the bounded form of a body’s perceived exterior and an unknowable interior world; between control and unruliness.

August 10–26
Public Functionary
Opening reception: Friday, August 10, 7:00 p.m.

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