The Coven
The Coven

Bethany Iverson ’06 is one of the creative women behind Minneapolis's first diverse social club specifically for women and non-binary folk.

Everyday people who identify with womanhood in Minneapolis find themselves in homogenous, male-centered environments with limited designated community spaces where they can go to gather, recharge, learn from, celebrate, and work with one another. The Coven hopes to be the answer to this problem.

The Coven is a collaborative community workspace that focuses on leadership, business, career and personal growth, health and wellness, community organization, and activism, to name a few. This is a membership-based organization and for every five memberships sold, one will be offered to someone who meets certain socioeconomic requirements.

The Coven plans to open in early 2018 and will host various pop-up events throughout the fall of 2017 to promote the organization. 

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