The Growler magazine cover by Benjamin Currie
The Growler magazine cover by Benjamin Currie

Benjamin Currie ’15 spoke with the Growler about what influences his art, finding an individual artistic style, and where he hopes his art takes him in the future.

Currie says he's only beginning to understand his individual style. "I still feel like I’m molding my own. It’s something I struggled with a lot in school, and I’m just now feeling like I have a direction for what I’d like it to be.” He favors dark-hued compositions while mixing decorative elements, natural environments, and "conceptual minimalism." He finds influence in the bold linework and graphic quality of Japanese woodblock printing. 

Currie currently balances his illustration with working as a barista but hopes to become more focused on his artistic career in the future.

“Ideally, in five years, I would like to see myself drawing and freelancing full-time in a tiny coffee shop somewhere in Europe or Asia. Basically, anything that would let me be an artsy nomad. I would love to get into book covers, gig posters, and large, site-specific wall graphics.” —Currie

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