Pictures from Paige Dansinger's virtual Better World Museum
Pictures from Paige Dansinger's virtual Better World Museum

Paige Dansinger ’93 and Zoe Cinel ’18, MFA, were featured in the Star Tribune for their work in new-media art practices, creating virtual experiences that can be accessed from home.

In light of the pandemic, Dansinger brought her Better World Museum into virtual reality through an app called Rec Room that doesn't require a VR headset to experience the space. The virtual museum is a space to gather for group events and includes a teen center, an artist-in-residence program for learning VR tools, and a garden for planting flowers.

Utilizing augmented reality, Cinel has been working on a short film about the surveillance of screens called Can’t Take My Eyes Out of You. In the film, instead of having real objects in space, she's going to real places and putting augmented-reality objects there. Eventually, people will be able to go to the actual locations and view scenes from the movie through the augmented-reality app Aero.

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