Paige Dansinger in the Garden One VR space
Paige Dansinger in the Garden One VR space

Paige Dansinger ’93 has been recognized in City Pages for her work with the Better World Museum.

Through the Better World Museum, Dansinger hosts events that allow the expensive technology of virtual reality to be accessible to the public. All of the virtual worlds created at the museum are designed for the people, by the people. For example, one world called the Snowflake Project started as a simple snowscape. Visitors were invited to come and add to it and it quickly became a winter wonderland filled with snowmen, igloos, shooting stars, and snowflakes.

Other virtual reality worlds include a train lot where people can graffiti cars and a tropical world filled with gardens, gem-studded secret tunnels, and waterfalls. Some worlds look super realistic, while others are magical cartoon universes. To enter these domains, one simply pops on a headset and uses two handheld controllers. From there, you can add your own art, explore, or even meditate. The programs are surprisingly intuitive and other folks can watch people create via a large monitor.

The Better World Museum was formed as a reaction to the 2016 election. Through the museum, Dansinger shows resistance in an honest, lighthearted way.

“I believe that participatory social experiences can go against isolation. I really think technology is meant to bring people together. It’s how I use it, and what I believe in. I see all these wonderful potentials.” —Dansinger

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