Comic by Michael Davis
Comic by Michael Davis

Michael Davis ’12 is preparing to host a table at the Olympia Comics Festival in June and is seeking help through a GoFundMe campaign to help cover costs.

Davis, a comic artist that works entirely digitally, is hoping to do a printing run for two comics. The first publication, Lulu and Muffin, is a full-color story that features the antics of a Hyrax and a Koala in a sanctuary for animals that cannot live in the wild. Although this originated as a web comic released in 2012, Davis plans to expand the story especially for this printing.

The second printing is a black and white anthology of several short comic stories Davis created over the past ten years.

"The opportunity to offer a physical product to comic book fans would mean the world to me.  There's something special about owning a book that forms a bond between reader and author in a way online images never can." —Davis 

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