Field Notes Midwest Headquarters
Field Notes Midwest Headquarters

Around 2006 or 2007, Aaron Draplin ’00 handmade about 200 round-cornered journals and sent them to some friends. Over a decade later, Field Notes has become an extremely popular business with a variety of merchandise that extends beyond their classic three-pack of craft paper booklets. Chicago magazine recently covered the brand's meteoric rise to success.

Draplin credits agricultural Midwest as inspiration for the Field Notes aesthetic, especially cardboard boxes and promotional notebooks distributed by seed and farm equipment companies. Every Field Notes notebook lists its specifications in its one typeface, Futura, similar to that of simple cardboard packaging of the past.

“The lettering on the side of a cardboard box, underneath, where it just says the weight and the edge crush, that is perfectly functional. And there’s something beautiful about that to me . . . there was something about it not having to compete with whatever is cool or ironic. It was just meant to work. Something about having limitations—it only needed one typeface.” —Draplin

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