Duffy Design Group
Duffy Design Group

Back in 1984, former MCAD student Joe Duffy formed the Duffy Group. Over the course of thirty-four years, the design group has gone through quite the evolution.

Starting out as the design affiliate of advertising agency Fallon McElligott, the group later had a brief stint as the U.S. arm of London design firm the Michael Peters Group. Following that, it had a multi-office partnership with Fallon Worldwide, before eventually becoming the independently owned company it is today, known simply as Duffy. Duffy's children, Bridget and Joseph, also joined their father's design group.

Now a design powerhouse, Duffy will be passing on their expertise and insight gained over the years at the upcoming AIGA Luncheon at Day Block Brewing.  

AIGA Luncheon Lecture Series: Duffy
July 26, 11:30 a.m.–1:15 p.m.
Day Block Brewing

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