Work by David Eberhardt
Work by David Eberhard

David Eberhardt ’93, a Twin Cities photographer and documentary filmmaker, is exhibiting a selection of photographs from his years riding the rails and documenting the lifestyle of modern-day hobos.

Eberhardt lived the hobo life, getting to know many of his impromptu traveling companions to gain their confidence so he could chronicle their lives. Working with New York documentarian Jack Cahill, Eberhardt traveled first with a chase van, which primarily carried the film stock the pair was using, then later simply shouldering their loads in 100-pound backpacks. As word of the pair’s project spread, hobos down the line were more welcoming, allowing them unprecedented freedom to collect their images.

The net result was Long Gone, an award-winning 2003 documentary named after Joshua Long Gone, one of six people whose story was part of the film. Many of the images in the exhibition were taken at the same time the film was being shot and will appear in Eberhardt’s upcoming book of photography You Can’t Catch a Ghost.

Good Road to Follow
On display through January 17, 2021
John Michael Kohler Art Center (Sheboygan, WI)

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