Paintings from FAILE's "Off The Walls" exhibition in Paris
Paintings from FAILE's "Off The Walls" exhibition in Paris

Patrick McNeil, who collaborates with Patrick Miller ’02 as the artist duo FAILE, spoke with Street Art News about the history of FAILE as well as their most recent solo show in Paris.

The interview touches on how FAILE's patchwork motif developed out of influence by the Gee's Bend quilt makers and painting on apple boxes, as well as how they were among some of the early street artists that were putting up work internationally.

FAILE's recent solo show, Off The Walls, features a series of paintings on canvas that reference some of their early printmaking as well as classical painters like Matisse and Picasso. "A lot of this body of work references the process that we see on the street," says McNeil, "the idea of observation, how do we observe these things not only directly, but additionally through our phones and computers."

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