Pinecone Treehouse by Dustin Feider
Pinecone Treehouse by Dustin Feider

Ever dreamt of living in your own treehouse? Dustin Feider ’05 can make it a reality.

Feider founded the California-based design firm O2Treehouse in 2005 with the goal to inspire people to reconsider how we can harmlessly coexist with nature. His most notable work, the Pinecone Treehouse, immerses all who enter into the boundless beauty of the natural world. Although this incredible structure has been available to rent through Airbnb for a little while now, Feider has officially put it on the market for purchase.

The Pinecone Treehouse, located in the Redwoods of Bonny Doon, has been featured in the Glade sponsored VagaBrothers Scent Inspired Road Trip as well as the NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.

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