Gagnepain crouches on his workshop floor, the sparks of a welder erupting from his hand. He has goggles on his forehead and is making a comedically ferocious expression. A robot can be seen in the background.
Gagnepain in his workshop

Joseph Gagnepain ’97 has been featured in an article by The Fabricator, taking a closer look at the use of metal scrap and found objects in Gagnepain’s sculpture work.

In the article, Gagnepain details the potential he sees in cast-off items. A bicycle becomes a wealth of parts, often repurposed to create sculptures of metal creatures and the like. “Gears imply joints,” Gagnepain explains, as an example of the use these scraps find in his works. “They remind me of shoulders and elbows. The parts are biomechanical, like the components used in the steampunk style.”

Gagnepain searches for components to his sculpture work in scrapyards, trash piles, and donated metal parts. He prefers to keep the pieces as unaltered as he is able. “I really like the way the stuff looks, especially the stuff on the side of the road that has this abused, rusted look. It looks a lot more organic to me.”

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