Upstairs at Steve's by Samara Golden
Upstairs at Steve's by Samara Golden

Samara Golden ’95 created an installation titled Upstairs at Steve's at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia, PA.

At once infinite and ephemeral, Golden's immersive structures have been described as psychological architecture for the way they thoughtfully embed layers of consciousness within socio-economic stratification.  Upstairs at Steve's depicts a complete upending of an outdoor tableau,  set in a seaside landscape. The exhibition  reveals a mysterious confluence of biography, history, psychology, and nature. Familiar household objects are strewn across the dunes, as if deposited from a natural disaster, with an accompanying soundscape adding another atmospheric layer.

To achieve the dueling sensations of depth and expanse, Golden distorts perspective with strategically placed mirrors, prompting viewers to question what is real and what is illusion. "Samara Golden masterfully toys with reality through her experimentation with optical techniques and materials," notes FWM Executive Director Christina Vassallo. Golden has introduced a new dimension to her signature practice of warping space—notably employed in her installation, The Meat Grinder’s Iron Clothes, at the 2017 Whitney Biennial—as she looks to the outdoors. Building upon Golden's original soundscape, visitors are invited to submit audio recordings of their immediate surroundings, with the goal of generating a cumulative and collaborative soundscape over the course of the exhibition.

Upstairs at Steve's
On view through January 31, 2021
Fabric Workshop and Museum (Philadelphia, PA)

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