"Ephemerals: First Rose" by Regan Golden
"Ephemerals: First Rose" by Regan Golden

Faculty member Regan Golden's large-scale photographs combining plants, paint, and plastics collected from urban forests are included in the current exhibition Four Painters at Kolman & Pryor Gallery.

Inspired by the Walker Art Center’s Painter Painter exhibition in 2013, and the “epic conversation” they enjoyed afterward, Kolman & Pryor Gallery co-owner Patrick Pryor and gallery artist Betsy Ruth Byers ’08, MFA, have co-curated a follow-up exhibition featuring new work by four Minnesota artists: Golden, Samuel Bjorgum, James Holmberg, and Syed Hosain.

Golden abstractly references the natural world in her work, in which she blends actual and digital collage and paint. “Her work evokes the handmade, the hand-cut, even when she uses digital marks,” explains Byers. “She creates an illusion of breaking down and reassembling in her micro and macro examination of flora and fauna. Time and layers are evident in her edges as she plays with borderlines between spaces to frame particular viewpoints.”

Four Painters
On view through October 31
Kolman & Pryor Gallery (Minneapolis)
Saturdays, 12:00–4:00 p.m., or by appointment

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