Work by Pao Houa Her

Pao Houa Her ’09 is showing never-before seen work at East Side Freedom Library. 

Fruits of My Mother's Labor, like much of Her's work, centers around the theme of Hmong Americans and their experience here in the U.S. The exhibit’s photographs focus on Her’s parents and the home she grew up in near Lake Phalen on the East Side. 

“It’s the perspective of wanting the Hmong to be recognized, wanting to have a say, that’s still very much apparent in the work.”—Her

Her views photography as a way to critique and to examine rather than tell a story. She hopes the audience will see themselves in the photographs and that they serve to continue to critique and question the Hmong experience in America, a permeating theme in much of her work. 

Fruits of My Mother's Labors 
On view through March 17
East Side Freedom Library (1105 Greenbrier St., St. Paul)

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