Sin Titulo by Jonathan Herrera
Sin Titulo by Jonathan Herrera

Spudnik Press Cooperative presents Entre Rios y Montañas (Between Rivers and Mountains), a solo exhibition featuring new work by Jonathan Herrera ’17.

The work in Entre Rios y Montañas stems from Herrera’s deep interest and continued investigation of the relationships between collective memory and historical instances of state-sponsored violence and trauma inflicted on politicized bodies. Often the victims of these crimes, or rather their bodies that disappear, leave behind stories not in words but in gesture. Trails of clothing are found in the deserts between borders as they get stuck on fences with barbed wire or wash up onto shores of beaches. These garments are sometimes attached to lifeless bodies while others manage to claim autonomy from the flesh.

Through these collographs, akin to rubbings, Herrera explores the connection between clothing and the body, as well as the relationship between forensic evidence and items of personal significance. By employing this print-based process, Herrera partakes in an act of remembrance as he produces tracings and impressions of clothing left behind. His harsh, and almost violent, treatment of the objects carries forth into the artwork’s final presentation. Ultimately, the objects of clothing rendered in Herrera’s work are declarations unto themselves, left behind by bodies to evoke lived experiences.

Update 5/7: Herrera will be doing an artist talk and showing work at the Duluth Art Institute on Thursday, May 10.

Entre Rios y Montañas
April 27–May 27
Annex Gallery
Opening Reception: April 27, 6:00–9:00 p.m.

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