Installation at Asbury Park Boardwalk by HOTTEA
Installation at Asbury Park Boardwalk by HOTTEA

Eric Rieger ’07 recently installed at Asbury Park Boardwalk as a part of an ongoing growth of public art in the space. 

Regier, who works under the name HOTTEA, says that he was inspired by the sunset and sea breeze for this work. Although the breeze isn't always good for his pieces, made of thousands of pieces of yarn, he says that untangling them is a part of the process. His work has attracted many locals looking for Instagram worthy photo ops, although those photos will likely outlast his work.

However, the aging of Rieger's yarn is part of what endears him to his work. "I think the aging of the yarn is a good thing in this case," he said, "because it kind of goes with the idea of the building. You know, this building has been through so many different stages or phases of identity. The yarns are going to change, and I think conceptually it works well with the building. I think it'll still be interesting to me, and I think people will still find it beautiful in its own way." 

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