Odd Numbers by HOTTEA
Odd Numbers by HOTTEA

Contemporary installation artist HOTTEA (aka Eric Rieger ’07) is making headlines, with recent features on both This is Colossal and My Modern Met.

HOTTEA spoke with This is Colossal and My Modern Met about the origination of his infamous yarn installations. Initially a graffiti artist, he quickly realized that he did not like secretive side of using street art and spary paint. He found that turning to yarn not only filled a creative void left from doing graffiti art, but he was also able to sign his name on his projects and add a personal touch. Now, HOTTEA is best known for his colorful, site specific yarn works. He has collaborated with the likes of New York Fashion Week, Sesame Street, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and Mall of America.

“I knew I wanted this new project to be different than my past life as a graffiti writer. I didn’t want to do my art at night as a secret from my family. I wanted my artwork to be about my family and to be very open about it.  Being a graffiti writer, you cannot reveal your identity—not only did I want to reveal my identity with this new project but I wanted to be vulnerable about who I am.” —HOTTEA

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