Work by Julian Howley

Julian Howley ’12 is showing a solo interactive installation at Montserrat College of Art in Massachusetts.

Building Better Mobs showcases multimedia works inspired by Massachusetts’s past coupled with current motifs of radical pessimism and mass movement. With this exhibition, Howley hopes to present art that exists squarely for use by the public commons and draws and inspires from the local public history of societal collapse, collective outrage, and potential chaotic rebirth.

Howley's work looks upon the tradition of gonzo illustration and global comic pulp, along with vintage woodcut printing and its symbolism, showing to us figures and topics that exist as uncanny mascots of frenzied entropic energy and gleeful self-destruction.

Building Better Mobs 
On view through September 13
Montserrat Gallery (Beverly, MA)
Reception: September 12, 5–7:00 p.m.

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