Watercourse still by Ben Moren
Watercourse still by Ben Moren

Northern Lights.mn is proud to announce Illuminate South Loop, a three-day event that will take place at Bloomington Central Park in Bloomington’s South Loop District. The event is a unique addition to the lineup of activities leading up to Super Bowl LII that showcases a variety of interactive art installations and performances designed and produced by Minnesota and international artists including Pramila Vasudevan ’04 and Ben Moren ’10.

Vasudevan will be curating three dance performances for the event featuring current MFA students Pedro Lander and Zoe Cinel. The three twenty-minute-long dances will be performed in succession on Thursday and Friday evenings.

Moren is showing Watercourse, a large-scale sculptural projection that transplants an endlessly looping summertime river scene onto the frozen Minnesota winter.

Illuminate South Loop
February 1–3
Bloomington Central Park

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