Johnson with Death and Doubling Cubes
Johnson with Death and Doubling Cubes

Current student Rachel Johnson is the artist behind the cover art and illustrations that appear through James Wylder's latest release Death and Doubling Cubes.

Johnson worked with Wylder to give the art the feeling of pulp sci-fi and comics, which originated during the publication of cheaply made fiction magazines in the early twentieth century. Johnson says that pulp illustrations have appealed to her for a while now and the opportunity to do cover art in that style "was a tremendously fun experience."

“I was amazed by how Rachel captured the feel of the characters, giving the book the aesthetics of golden age pulp sci-fi and comics with a modern twist,” Wylder said.

Wylder is the author of the popular Doctor Who poetry book An Eloquence of Time and Space as well as two other poetry collections and one of short fiction.

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