Work by Leone Ledin
Work by Leone Ledin

The beautiful craftsmanship of MCAD alum Leone Ledin's paintings will be on display through June as the Pine Center for the Arts re-opens its gallery space for the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leone's artistic education at MCAD in the late 1940s was cut short due to a family emergency. But in 1974, while her daughter was attending the University of Minnesota Duluth, Leone went up to stay with her and took a summer art course. During the years that followed, Leone would spend a couple of hours a day, three to four days out of the week working on her paintings, creating around 150 paintings. Leone's husband, Howard, said that she preferred to recreate the works of the Impressionists and paintings she enjoyed rather than develop her own images and style.

Leone passed away in February 2019. Since that time, her paintings have remained at the family home. However, a few months ago, Howard invited over celebrated local artist  Peg Skalicky to see what she thought of Leone’s artworks. “She was really excited about them, and thought that they were beautiful paintings,” Howard said. “She suggested having an art showing at Pine Center for the Arts. That was fine with me—and I suggested that all proceeds be divided between the Art Center and Our Redeemer Lutheran Church."

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