Light Grey Art Lab Exhibition ToBeYou

Light Grey Art Lab's five-year anniversary and grand reopening celebration is nigh and plenty of MCAD students and alumni are involved.

To kick off this new chapter, Light Grey Art Lab, which was founded by Lindsay Nohl ’03, is increasing the scope and frequency of their exhibitions, expanding the collaborative and educational opportunities on offer, and tripling their physical space—the original two galleries are ballooning into five galleries, a workshop space, and an expanded shop.

Participating MCADians

  • Sishir Bommakanti
  • Jenny Bookler
  • Stephanie Brown
  • Francesca Buchko
  • Will Dinsky
  • Andres Guzman
  • Chris Hajny
  • Shelby Hersleff
  • Yinfan Huang
  • Zack Keenan
  • Erik Krenz
  • James Lavella
  • Allegra Lockstadt
  • Ann Macarayan
  • Niky Motekallem
  • Lindsay Nohl
  • James O'Brien
  • Bobby Rogers
  • Alanna Stapleton
  • Jared Tuttle
  • John Wilinski

Five-Year Anniversary and Grand Reopening
Light Grey Art Lab 
Friday, March 3, 7:00–10:00 p.m.
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