The Place of the Snake Kings by Melissa Loop
The Place of the Snake Kings by Melissa Loop

Melissa Loop's paintings of ancient Mayan temples are being featured in an exhibition in St. Kate's Catherine G. Murphy Gallery. 

Loop's work explores the paradox of visiting the ancient Mayan sites of Caracol, Tikal, Edina, and others, and attempting to re-create an experience of spiritual transcendence all while realizing that she is merely a tourist perpetuating a web of consumerism. Alicia Eler of the Star Tribune writes, "The lush paintings of ancient Mayan sites that artist Melissa Loop creates look like they are sweating. Or maybe it’s just really hot. Either way, the heat comes through in these part-fantasy, part-realistic paintings of glorious landscapes and ancient Mayan temples and sacred sites in Central America." 

After the End
Through December 15 
Catherine G. Murphy Gallery

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