Mark Mallman
Mark Mallman

Mark Mallman ’95 recently released a memoir that recounts how a winter of nothing but happy music helped pull him out of a deep funk.

In the Happiness Playlist, Mallman talks about how a fifty-song playlist—containing music by artists like Bob Marley, Whitney Houston, and the Gorillaz—helped him overcome his melancholic state. The memoir includes a list of all the songs he exclusively listened to for four months straight as well as passages that grew from "diary entries [he wrote] during his winterlong sugar binge."

Mallman also recognizes that this is just one of many things he did to help him get through his bout of anxiety and depression. "Obviously, it wasn’t a total cure-all, but I’d be pretty shameless if I titled the book the Happiness Playlist and it didn’t actually have a happy ending,” he told the Star Tribune.

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