A photograph of two parents holding their toddler.
Photograph by Alison Malone

Alison Malone ‘02 has been featured in the StarTribune, highlighting Malone's efforts to recapture the experience of annual school picture day in the midst of the pandemic.

Malone, a family portrait photographer and adjunct professor of photography at the University of Minnesota, decided to re-create the school picture experience in her backyard. She ordered several backdrops—from simple white to an outer-space theme—and set them up.

After taking school-style portraits of her daughters and the children of friends, she set up shop on the loading dock at her La Vita Bella Photography studio in northeast Minneapolis’ Casket Arts Building, where she offered 10-minute, $25 sessions for other distance learners. Alongside Malone, other Twin Cities photographers are hosting pop-up shoots outside or in garages and other Minnesota studios, like Caulfield Studio in Detroit Lakes, are opening photo sessions for home-schoolers to distance learners.

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