Work by C.L. Martin
Work by C.L. Martin

C.L. Martin ’05 is showing new work at the Corner Store Gallery in Northeast Minneapolis this month.

At the heart of Martin's exhibition, Muse Obscura, are flirtatious representations of mysterious characters making the work more evocative than descriptive. Martin provokes viewers into examining their own preconceived cultural ideas of human beauty, masculinity/femininity, and gender and identity in the service of capturing a particular kind of tension that exists between the divine and a certain physical nature that resists it.

"I draw and paint emotionally complex figures using male performers as models and inspiration like dancers, actors, fashion models and drag queens. I choose them because they represent preconceived roles yet are themselves at the same time. The play between the reality and the projection of the person is as immediate as their performance, presence and aesthetic physical form allows." –Martin

Muse Obscura
January 5–February 16
Corner Store Gallery NE
Opening reception: January 5, 5:00 p.m.

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