Work by Ashley Mary

Ashley Mary ’18, MA, was recently involved in a home renovation on HGTV's Stay or Sell, hosted by Brad and Heather Fox. 

For the home redesign, Mary designed and painted a mural for a bedroom with the help of an assistant. The wall is filled with abstract shapes in patches of pink, orange, and blue. Like the rest of her work, the vibrant colors bring a playful and lively air to the room. The mural is featured in the first episode of the season, which aired August 27. Throughout the series, Brad and Heather renovate homes in the Twin Cities area and incorporate the work of local artisans for their final touches.

The process was collaborative, with Heather picking a color palette, Mary using her style, and the two coming up with a language of images, such as an ice cream cone, a flower, and a puffy cloud.

Mary's art takes form in a number of ways, such as collage, canvas paintings, murals, and product design. She is currently working on launching the Curiosity Studio, a space for anyone looking to explore creative learning and therapeutic art. 

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