Work by Hallie Bahn
Work by Hallie Bahn

It's time for Art-A-Whirl! The annual spring event, which also happens to be the largest open studio tour in the country, is happening this weekend.

We are pleased to announce that, once again, several MCAD artists are set to participate in this year's event, which runs from May 17–19.

  • Hallie Bahn
  • Jane Nicolo
  • Studio 400: Taylan DeJohnette, Jonathon Rosemund, Sarah Nicole (Verrastro) Knutson, Maria Robinson
  • Melissa Breitenfeldt
  • Mark Stoehr
  • Clinton Rost
  • Sarah Wieben
  • Nadia Alenov
  • Anne Sugnet
  • Mark Knierim
  • Jane Powers
  • Andrew Vomhof
  • Teresa Audet
  • Andi Fink
  • Alanna Stapleton
  • Aldo Moroni
  • Ann Magnusson
  • Anna Biedenbender
  • Ashley Mary
  • Barret Lee
  • Carole Fisher
  • CL Martin
  • Benjamin Wuest
  • Donna Meyer
  • Emily Johnson
  • K. Daphnae Koop
  • Marc Clements
  • Hilary Greenstein
  • John Pavlik
  • Jodi Reeb
  • Leslie Barlow
  • Madison Rubenstein
  • Mary Welke
  • Ryan Werbalowsky
  • Sandra Felemovicius
  • Stephanie Molstre-Kotz

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Know of any other MCADians participating in Art-A-Whirl? Let us know!