From User Experience (UX) Design and the Mobile App
From User Experience (UX) Design and the Mobile App

Students in the MCAD Continuing Education class User Experience (UX) Design and the Mobile App, taught by Matthew Luken, recently collaborated with nonprofit Highland District’s Council to help enhance their digital presence.

This is the second non-profit that has approached Luken looking to connect with freelancers for pro-bono work to enhance their website. He offered the opportunity to his students as a guided learning activity since it fits well into the curriculum. The organization was excited by the prospect and his class was eager for the chance to work with a real client.

Early in March, Laura Holte ’15, Henry DeGrand, Casie Siekman, Josh Heffelfinger ’13, and Luken held the guided exercise. Luken also worked with colleagues Carissa Merrill, Ginny Yahnke, and Natalie Austin at US Bank to complete accessibility testing. Two weeks and a collective seventy hours of work later, the class met with Highland District’s Council Board Members Amanda Willis and Kristine Grill to go over the report of their findings, answer questions, and discuss the most effective approaches while recommending next steps.

“Working together, the class generated a usability report that contained information on the effectiveness of communication to defined user types, design, usability considerations on a page-by-page basis, user's sphere of influence, competitors in the marketplace, accessibility testing and ranked recommendations based on findings within the audit.” —Luken

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