Cover art by Llew Mejia
Cover art by Llew Mejia

It's that time of year again when local publication City Pages' “Best of the Twin Cities” issue reminds us why the Twin Cities is a great place to live—even in this time of record low April temperatures.

Front-and-center of the issue is vibrant cover art by Llew Mejia ’12, an impressive surface designer and illustrator whose other clients include Chipotle, Adidas, and Anthropologie.

Upon a closer look at the Best Of awardees, several names from the MCAD community pop up. Julie Buffalohead ’95 has been awarded the Best Gallery Exhibition for her show at Bockley Gallery this past fall. City Pages commends Buffalohead for her visual commentary on the Walker Art Center's Scaffold debacle, saying that hers is "perhaps the most eloquent" among the discussion of the scandal.

Within the “Music” category, alum Mark Mallman's amazing Taco John's jingle has garnered him the “Best Selling Out” title. Mallman's falsetto crooning of "taco, taco, taco" is commended for being "as wacky and brilliant and memorable as you’d expect."

Lastly, faculty member Andrea Jenkins's placement on the Minneapolis City Council earned her the well-earned title “Best Politician.” As one of the first openly transgender elected officials in the U.S. and her endorsement by the Bernie-aligned organization Our Revolution, Jenkins is a bright spot and illustration of hope in today's political climate.

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