Photo by Rita Kovtun
Photo by Rita Kovtun

Staff member Rita Kovtun, Forrest Wasko ’17, Jared Tuttle ’14, and current students Mushkikizou Chan, Ari Mulch, Maria Robinson, and Ashley Koudou were recently featured on the podcast Deep North's episode “84 Neighborhoods.”

Recorded during the 2017 MCAD Art Sale, the interviewees weighed in on what they love about Whittier neighborhood, such as its art-covered buildings and museums like the Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia). They also shared their thoughts on the greater Twin Cities Metro Area and what makes it a great place to be, like its support of the arts, the local music scene, and the size. “I feel like you can really build a community here,” says Tuttle when speaking about the size of Minneapolis versus bigger cities like Chicago.

Deep North is a podcast by Steve Ray that “explores the urbane side of the cities that the world, country, and even some Minnesotans haven’t experienced.”

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