Black and white photo of protests by Canaan Mattson
Photo by Canaan Mattson

A selection of MCADians have work showing in Gamut Gallery's C4W:2020 exhibition, which was currated by Katie Garrett of MPLSART.

The Call–4–Work exhibitions at Gamut Gallery are not shows that influence what art should be. Instead, each year's guest curator brings their unique perspective and interpretation of the submitted works ranging the full "Gamut" of visual media. For Garrett, a theme emerged around ideas of projection, optimism, truth, and action. Revealed in a body of work by 42 artists, these elements convey a hopeful and restorative life ahead.

Featured MCADians

  • Alejandro Zhang, current MFA candidate
  • Barret Lee ’16
  • Canaan Mattson, MCAD staff member
  • Jamie Owens, ’13
  • Kehayr Brown ’19
  • Merick Reed ’19
  • Catrin Magnusson ’09, MFA
  • Stephanie Friest ’20
  • Suyao Tian ’17, MFA

October 9–November 13
Gamut Gallery (Minneapolis)

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