Mexicana #7, MFA candidate Alondra Garza's submitted piece
Mexicana #7, MFA candidate Alondra Garza's submitted piece

Many MCADians, including current MFA candidate Alondra Garza, are among the more than 2,000 Minnesotans that are featured in the virtual version of Mia's Foot in the Door exhibition.

Foot in the Door is a large-scale, once-in-a-decade exhibit that welcomes anyone in the state to submit pieces for display by Mia, as long as the piece is no bigger than one foot in any direction. This is the fifth iteration of the show, and the first time it's gone online.

"The show includes artists from Moorhead to the metro area, artists who work in greater Minnesota, artists who are nonprofessional to kids and senior citizens," said Mia curator Nicole Soukup, who organized the show. "It's a great snapshot of the creativity across the state."

Foot in the Door
On view through January 10, 2021

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