Ghost by Joe Sinness
Ghost by Joe Sinness

 Catch the work of many talented MCADians at a new gallery in Palm Springs.

After an afternoon walk through Soo Visual Arts Center in 2003, Jason Howard fell in love with mixed media paintings by Caleb Coppock ’07. This was his first time purchasing original art. "The creativity was inspiring and the thought of having someone's original creation that I loved hanging in my home gave me so much joy," he says. Thus began the dream of opening his own gallery.

Now, over a decade later, Howard's dream has come true through the Rubine Red Gallery. He has turned to the work of Christopher Selleck ’16, MFA, Joe Sinness ’05, MFA, Andrea Carlson ’05, MFA, Tara Costello ’98, former student John Largaespada, and faculty member Betsy Alwin to celebrate the opening of this new space.  

"Art continues to challenge me. It is personal. Seeing a work one day may raise up a melancholy memory, then the next day...bring joy." —Howard

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