Nature Connector Buses designed by Greta McLain

Greta McLain ’12, MFA, of Goodspace Murals has designed two wraps for Metro Transit buses dubbed Nature Connectors. These buses were ideated by Amanda Lovelee ’10, MFA, regional parks ambassador for the Metropolitan Council.

The Nature Connectors travel on routes leading to some of the region's most popular nature areas—such as Minnehaha and Theodore Wirth in Minneapolis and Como and Lake Phalen in Saint Paul—as part of an effort to highlight the connection between transit and parks. Butterflies are a prominent element of the buses' design as well as McLain's body of work with GoodSpace Murals. 

“Butterflies are an easily accessible, powerful symbol. They migrate every year. They represent immigration—current immigration, our ancestors who immigrated. And they connect us to the natural world.”—Greta McLain

GoodSpace Murals promotes community development through the creation of works of art and involving the community through socially relevant themes of inclusion and shared interest.

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