Work by Richard Merchán
Work by Richard Merchán

Richard Merchán ’78 returns to the Petaluma community to exhibit at the Petaluma Arts Center. The show will consist of twenty-nine artworks spanning over three decades of the artist's career.

Spontaneity and loose brushwork are trademarks of Merchán paintings, where they begin with naturalistic sketch and move to a more abstract epressionistic interpretation. This style allows Merchán to be free with his art and to have more of an unfinished Impressionism feel, as the artist detests perfection in his artwork.

Merchán says that "when people say they hate abstract art or don’t understand it, I suggest they take the same approach as listening to a piece of music. Let your soul do the translating." This approach is evident in the way Merchán lets himself be guided by the moment, taking interuptions in his process, flowing with the conversation of the paint and his life around it.

Richard Merchán Exhibition
February 8–March 29
Petaluma Arts Center (Petaluma, California)
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 8, 6:00–9:00 p.m.

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