CarryOn Homes
CarryOn Homes

CarryOn Homes—a collective run by Shun Jie Yong, MFA '18, Peng Wu, MFA '13, Preston Drum, MFA '16, Zoe Cinel, MFA '18, and Aki Shibata—has been invited to create an experience at the preview party for the upcoming exhibition Baggage Claims at the Weisman Art Museum.

Baggage is a metaphor for individual and family histories. At the preview party for Baggage Claims, contemplate the meaning of the word and how your migration or travels have influenced your life; explore how objects create spaces for people to feel safe with CarryOn Homes; and view a short film on what the idea of home means for migrants. 

Baggage Claims Preview Party
Friday, February 1 7:00–10:00 p.m.
Weisman Art Museum

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