Work by Ashely Peifer and Betsy Ruth Byers
Work by Ashely Peifer and Betsy Ruth Byers

Rosalux Gallery presents two solo shows featuring Ashely Peifer ’13, MFA, and Betsy Ruth Byers ’08, MFA.

In wonder/wander, Peifer creates a personal pictorial language through the lens of curiosity and play.

"Memories serve both the subject and material means by which I explore painting’s capacity to flicker from abstract to representational and back again as I paint, mirroring the way memories fluctuate from intangible to distinct when recalled." —Peifer

 In Deferred Grievance, Byers’s mixed media works meditate on sensory experiences of climate change and seek to cultivate empathy between humans and the natural world.

wonder/wander and Deferred Grievance
March 2–31
Rosalux Gallery
Opening Reception: March 30, 7:00–9:00 p.m.

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