Work by Ashely Peifer

Ashely Peifer, MFA ’13, and Tara Costello ’98 are showing mixed media work and paintings in the exhibition Surprise Party and Fuse at the Rosalux Gallery. 

Peifer's paintings and sculptures grasp at the blurry edges of memory, attempting to transmute the non-material into haptic experience. Willful optimism is the goal of the work and it is showcased through embracing nostalgia and translating it into the realm of pattern, color, and form.

Costello's paintings explore the malleability of perspective, subtle documented shifts in time merging to create landscape in an abstract form. Her work searches for unexpected beauty in the relationships between rich textures and primitive mark. 

Surprise Party and Fuse
January 6–28
Rosalux Gallery
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 13, 6:00–9:00 p.m.

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