The People's Library t-shirt pop-up shop
The People's Library t-shirt pop-up shop

The People's Library, an artist collective devoted to ending colonial, institutional, and systemic violence through both art and education, has been hosting t-shirt pop-ups to raise funds for a micro-grant program that prioritizes Black and Indigenous People of Color.

Many members of The People's Library include MCAD students and alumni. Some members include Ursula Arhart, Kristina Johnson ’17, Cecily Bohman ’19, Jaime Candia, Rebekah Nygard, Nico Sardina ’19, Candice Davis ’18, Kehayr Brown ’19, Nancy Hicks ’18, and Bethany Johnson ’18.

“In the wake of the pandemic and murder of George Floyd, this operated as a way for us to raise funds as quickly as possible and offer immediate relief to BIPOC members of our community,” said Johnson in an email to the Minnesota Daily. “We've sold over 300 shirts and have gathered a little under $10,000 within the month our pop-up tent was operating at MCAD.”

Additionally, the People’s Library started a pop-up food shelf outside the MCAD buildings in mid-June. Mainly run by volunteers or through loose collaborations with local businesses or nonprofits, community members have come together to support those hit hardest by pandemic-driven unemployment, chronic poverty and the civil unrest following George Floyd’s killing.

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