Still from "Mushrooms"
Still from "Mushrooms"

Mike Perry ’03 has been the artist behind the brief opening sequences for Comedy Central's Broad City since the show's inception four years ago. However, his recent animation credit on the show is anything but brief.

Perry met fellow illustrator Abbi Jacobson, who also happens to be a star and producer of the show, ten years ago during an AOL-sponsored artist program at Art Basel Miami Beach.

When Broad City moved from its web-series status to having a half-hour slot on comedy central, Jacobson knew it was time to reach out to Perry to collaborate.

"We’ve always put a lot of trust in Mike from the start with the title sequences and the branding of the show. I have been a fan of his since college. I love how raw his work feels—how you can almost see his personality, his true self, in his lines. It’s imperfect in the most essential way. It makes you laugh at the world and look at it with fresh eyes." —Jacobson

For a recent episode "Mushrooms," Perry completed perhaps his biggest undertaking yet. "It was the first time I spent so much time on something," he says, talking about the eight-minute animation sequence in which he illustrates the two heroines of the show going on a psychedelic trip. "It created a kind of mediation that turns into a desire to make things that take longer.”

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