Two black and white, propaganda-styled posters, held up by people wearing masks and disposable medical gloves.
Works by Piotr Szyhalski

MCAD faculty member Piotr Szyhalski has been featured in the New York Times for his ongoing series COVID-19: Labor Camp Reports.

Consisting of propaganda-style black-and-white illustrations, Szyhalski’s COVID-19: Labor Camp Reports offers catharsis surrounding the absurdity and suffering of the ongoing pandemic, as well as pointed, tongue-in-cheek-yet-enraged criticism of both the federal government’s inept response to the virus and the priorities of capitalism. Hand-lettered messages such as “No Justice, Just Labor” and “The World is Breaking: It’s Not News Anymore” precisely convey the emotional turmoil felt by millions.

COVID-19: Labor Camp Reports exists within the larger scaffolding of Szyhalski’s Labor Camp project, which he began in 1998.

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