Ceramics by Lise Prown
Ceramics by Lise Prown

Lise Prown ’79 will be leading a gallery tour at ArtsWeschester's Dataism exhibit, followed by a hands-on activity where participants will create a simple data visualization.

Dataism brings together artists in the tristate region who use both existing datasets and data collected by the artist. They explore various spheres of contemporary life and experience, from interpersonal relationships to climate change, consumerism, social media, financial markets, privacy, and surveillance. Data is the most abundant byproduct of contemporary life, with humankind generating more than fifty million laptops worth of data daily. From an ATM transaction to signing an online petition, an Instagram post to a Google search, our daily interactions and behavioral choices are transformed into data points that are collected and stored by devices we carry.

Getting Comfortable with Data: Dataism Gallery Tour by Lise Prown
Thursday, December 12, 5:30–7:30 p.m.
ArtsWestchester Gallery (New York)

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