Tintype portrait by Carla Rodriguez
Tintype portrait by Carla Rodriguez

Carla Rodriguez ’11 wrote an artical for Minnesota Women's Press about a series of tintype portraits she is creating at the George Floyd memorial site at 38th and Chicago.

"Black families historically have few photographs of their ancestors," says Rodriguez. "Tintypes (the product that results from the wet plate process) have powerful archival qualities. Partially because of the chemical process, the metal used, and the surface sealed with shellac, wet plate is one of the longest lasting photographic processes."

"It is important that the people I photograph at the memorial have something physical to remember this time with. It is hard to forget something when it exists physically in a space. We have no idea what the future of digital photography is, but even if all those files are lost to the ether, my hope is that these images will be around as reminders of this paradigm shift."

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