Carla Rodriguez. Photo Courtesy of StarTribune

Carla Rodriguez ’11 is featured in a Star Tribune article, "A Classic Look at Modern Life," that delves into her unique method of taking photographs.

As a first-year student at MCAD, Rodriguez was drawn to labor-intensive creative processes, including film photography when all of her peers were shooting digital. After discovering tintype, a time-consuming and complicated process that turns out one-of-a-kind vintage-looking photos, she was smitten. Today, she takes one-off portraits at events around town and at her studio, Blkk Hand, named after the ink black hands of 19th-century photographers working with the silver nitrate necessary to develop the images.

Rodriguez explains the complexities of the process by saying, "There are five million things that can go wrong at any time. Sometimes something crazy happens and you don't know why. You could be a complete master and these things could still happen. That's why I love it!"

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