Photo by Steven Zerby
Photo by Steven Zerby

Faculty member Stephen Rueff, co-founder of SuperMonster市City!, curated a survey of vintage toys, models, and posters exploring America's favorite supernatural histories.

America's Monsters, Superheroes and Villains features over 350 vintage original toys, posters, advertising materials, television commercials, and movie trailers, telling the story of six decades of America’s cultural icons. The exhibition playfully illustrates how the playtime icons of American culture reflect our country’s changing ideals and serve as historical documentation of our nation’s emerging creativity and evolving norms and conventions. Museum-goers will come face-to-face with vintage objects and artifacts that illuminate the changes in toy design, children’s play, and social mores across sixty years.

America's Monsters, Superheroes and Villains
October 1–January 31
Hjemkmost Center (Moorhead)

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