Food Plain Color Field
Food Plain Color Field

Chad Rutter ’06, along with Mystery Spot Books collaborator Emily Roehl and St. Louis-based photographer Jennifer Colten, has just launched a new project on crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo.

Flood Plain Color Field is a new photo book developed as the third installment of the Energy Landscapes of St. Louis project. In this publication, Mystery Spot Books explores a part of our energy consumption typically unseen by the public, the residual monuments of energy waste that accumulate in the flood plains of rivers. The Energy Landscapes of St. Louis is a project that began during a residency at St. Louis non-profit art center the Luminary. Through this project, MSB takes their desire to engage with issues of energy production and climate change and ground it in a particular place.

Through this campaign, you can preorder a copy of Flood Plain Color Field and get the other publications in the Energy Landscapes of St. Louis project.

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