Interweave II by Amy Sands and Bridget O'Malley
Interweave II by Amy Sands and Bridget O'Malley

Faculty members Amy Sands and Bridget O'Malley are featured in Surface Design Journal for their collaborative project Interweave II.

The inspiration for this project is the delicate crafting of lace in which threads are carefully connected and woven together. To create Interweave II, Sands and O'Malley use translucent plant fibers and form them into thin sheets of paper. Layers of pulp are carefully placed on the screen, then displaced and disrupted by drops of water. What emerges are feather-light representations of lace with intricate patterns of light and shadow.

"One tradition (lace) is distilled through another (handmade paper). The common connections are many: fiber, materiality, history, the time-consuming labor of hand work, and women's work." —Sands and O'Malley on Interweave II

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